Ali Derakhshani

Ali is a passionate real estate developer and businessman, He has a proven track record in real estate development and a solid academic background in business. He has a Master’s in Real Estate and Finance from the University of Central Florida. He also has an MBA degree in Operational Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Tehran. He has extensive experience as a Commercial RE Analyst, Appraisal Researcher, Acquisition Analyst before he founds his way into the construction industry. He has been involved with flipping 200+ homes for one of the largest investment companies in the southeast US region. Thereafter, he formed his own company (Caspian Homes) with the goal to become a Home Builder. Since 2018 with the help of his extensive real estate connections and acquiring investors, he has been able to develop more than 300 homes throughout the Florida market with the vision to become a mid-size home builder in the near future.

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