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Here at Caspian Homes Florida, we look at each project with intention and empathy for what our client’s desired outcome is. For us it’s about the people, not the size of the job. A good fit is what makes the project work. Our favorite clients come to us with great plans, positive attitudes, and an eye for quality.

Caspian Homes Florida helps builder market and sell their new construction homes. Our interactive content, virtual tours, and lead analytics create amazing and unique customer experiences while allowing builders to optimize their sales and marketing efforts.

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The Caspian Homes Florida is designed to offer new home shoppers the ultimate customer journey. Each customer experience is optimized to help them find their dream builder and design their dream home.

By focusing on customer experience and allowing them to move further down the sales funnel themselves, builders also receive online leads of the highest quality.
Ali Derakhshani

Ali Derakhshani is Real Estate Entrepreneur/Builder with an extensive experience in residential and commercial construction/Renovation and turn key flips.

Mindy Melendez
Dedicated Florida realtors building stronger communities through integrity and excellence.
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Fred Lenz
Senior Field Manager
Construction Professional with 35 years of experience

Built 200+ within the past 3 years
Corina Reynolds
Construction Admin
Corina - Caspian Homes

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